Event Details

Winter Camp: "The Hidden and Obvious Consequences of Colonization on Lakota Culture", Rapid City

September 19, 2020
Starts at 12:00 pm, ends at 1:00 pm

Mountain Time - General audience session

We will use Zoom to set up the meetings and will live stream on Facebook to allow for feedback, questions, etc.

Sponsored By: Magpie Creative

For more information, contact: Peter J. Strong <peter@magpiecreative.org>

Magpie Creative in Rapid City received $2,827 to hold a Winter Camp for youth and adults on Sept. 1-30, 2020. The camp will function under Lakota cultural goals of sharing, cultural vitality, and community building, with one monthly workshop geared towards youth participants and one towards the public. Events, to be held at Racing Magpie, will be free to the public with limited space available and will target Lakota community members as both presenters and attendees.