Event Details

Black Hills Community Theatre Play Reading & Discussion Series - "Silent Sky", Rapid City

October 9, 2020
This is an all-day event that lasts for 2 days

The script for this reading will be "Silent Sky" by Lauren Gunderson - the story of real life female "computers" that charted the stars for the Harvard Observatory in the early twentieth century.

The reading will be available online from 7pm Friday, October 9th, to 7pm Saturday, October 10th, on a pay what you will basis.

Sponsored By: Black Hills Community Theatre

For more information, contact: Merlyn Sell <merlynq.sell@gmail.com>

The 2020 Play Reading & Discussion Series consists of three separate evenings of play readings followed by a discussion period. The discussions will be led by scholars experienced in literary analysis or in the humanitarian issues encompassed by the plays. All of the plays selected have earned critical acclaim, and/or awards, including one Pulitzer Prize winning play. The discussions will be interactive civil conversations of the issues brought to light by each of the plays. Family relationships, sexuality, work, community, grief and violence are potential subjects likely to be discussed.