1. February 26, 2021
    Good news for literature enthusiasts: America’s most famous documentary filmmaker is tackling the life of one of its most famous authors. Hemingway debuts on PBS April 5.
  2. February 21, 2021
    During an ongoing pandemic and a frigid South Dakota winter, the South Dakota Humanities Council is providing extra ways to get reading material into the hands of people who would enjoy it.
  3. February 12, 2021
    For more than half a century, American icon Gloria Steinem has led the fight for women’s rights. Now, she brings her stories from the front lines of the movement to South Dakota Humanities Council audiences during an exclusive virtual event.
  4. February 4, 2021
    The 2021 guide to all things South Dakota Humanities Council has been released.
  5. January 29, 2021
    The 2021 One Book South Dakota “The Children’s Blizzard” has arrived: gather your book club and plan to find a cozy place to immerse yourselves in a story that unfolded during a South Dakota winter.
  6. January 22, 2021
    As the nation continues to navigate the tumult of a public health crisis and civil unrest, humanities programs are as vital as they've ever been.
  7. January 16, 2021
    Inspired by a ferocious storm that struck Dakota Territory in 1888, the 2021 One Book South Dakota is a historical novel that hits close to home.
  8. January 10, 2021
    “My grandmother would say, “We’re not feminists, we’re the law.”
  9. January 3, 2021
    While most people would agree that 2020 presented more than its share of challenges, it also provided positive moments.
  10. December 18, 2020
    SDHC drew a large, enthusiastic virtual crowd for the first “Voting: Why It Matters” statewide discussion on the importance of civic participation.