1. September 8, 2016
    WRITING AND teaching have been the lifework of Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve. Her stories come from childhood experiences on the Rosebud Reservation.
  2. August 25, 2016
    A revolution in Tunisia in December of 2010 is seen today as the beginning of the Arab Spring, a series of riots, revolts and protests that swept through the Arab world. Marc Lynch wrote about the upheaval in, The Arab Uprising.
  3. August 18, 2016
    Last winter’s blockbuster movie The Revenant brought renewed attention to the story of frontiersman Hugh Glass and his near-fatal encounter with a grizzly bear near present-day Lemmon in 1823.
  4. August 15, 2016
    “One of my mother’s Moser uncles had raised, from a seed, in a copper laundry boiler, a little lemon tree that as it had grown had twisted this way and that, trying to escape those bone-cold Iowa…
  5. August 8, 2016
    Nashville is more than the Music City these days. It’s an up and coming force in the (fictional) murder business, as well.
  6. August 5, 2016
    ANDY SHANE DIDN’T like school to begin with, but the class know-it-all, Dolores Starbuckle, made his day even worse by tattling on him. Twice! Before lunch! Such was the beginning of their beautiful friendship.
  7. August 3, 2016
    Barry Louis Polisar began writing and singing for children in 1975, but many know him from his song, “All I Want is You."
  8. July 18, 2016
    A recent SDHC grantee’s project harnesses the power of paintings, poetry and film to tell an emotional human story. Christine Stewart-Nuñez and the South Dakota Art Museum earned a $1,000 grant for the short film adaptation titled “Gladiolus.”
  9. July 11, 2016
    The first Veterans Writing Prize presented by the South Dakota Humanities Council will highlight the writings of South Dakota veterans and service members. A $1,000 cash prize is offered to the winning author.
  10. June 22, 2016
    we confidently pull from the top during the centennial year of the Pulitzer Prize to find some of the best work in fiction, history, biography, international reporting, criticism and poetry from the last 35 years.