(Workshop) - Flash Forms Workshop ($20)

“(Workshop) - Flash Forms Workshop ($20)”
Friday, Oct 1
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Flash forms are a type of creative writing defined by their brevity. They’re short: most flash forms range from a couple sentences to a couple pages. These forms include prose poems, flash fiction and nonfiction, napkin stories, postcard fiction, micro essays, fables and parables, dribbles and drabbles, fragments and vignettes. Flash forms are suggestive, evocative. They're defined by lyric intensity and narrative compression. In this workshop, we'll discuss the distinctions among flash genres, read some noteworthy examples, and conduct exercises to begin drafting our own flash works. *Participants should arrive with a pen and paper or a computer for freewriting

1 P.M. CT/12 P.M. MT


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