Marian Cramer

Marian Cramer
Topics: Education, Environmental Issues, History, Native American, South Dakota, Women
Communities: De Smet
Program Types: Chautauqua, Speakers Bureau

De Smet, SD | 605-270-4904

All presentations are Chautauqua-style programs.

Laura Ingalls Wilder, Family and Friends
Cramer discusses Laura Ingalls Wilder and her life with family and friends in De Smet. The presentation includes information gleaned from eleven oral histories of people who personally knew Laura and the Ingalls and Wilder families.

Drifting Goose and His Reservation in Spink County
Cramer presents a story collection of Drifting Goose's resistance to railroad expansion into Spink County.

Homestead History
This presentation provides historical context of the Homestead Act and its impact on the settlement of Dakota Territory. Cramer uses her background as an oral historian and storyteller to present family homesteading experiences lifted straight from their oral histories.

Country Schools
Cramer shares the workings of the country one-room schoolhouse as they existed during the early history of South Dakota. An interactive presentation of 1880s' school lessons is included.

Stories of WWI Soldiers
A presentation in story of the experiences and feelings of WWI soldiers during their service. The stories are collected from seven WWI veterans through oral history interviews Cramer conducted in the 1960s.