Lawrence Diggs

Lawrence Diggs
Topics: Communication, Marketing, Poetry, Prison Reform
Communities: Roslyn
Program Types: One Book South Dakota, Speakers Bureau
104 W Carlton Ave, Roslyn, SD 57261 | 605-486-4536

Bringing People Together
Recent research shows that when our fight or flight response is activated, the part of the brain that is responsible for empathy shuts down. This research suggests that we must find a way to feel something different about each other before we can think positively about each other. Diggs addresses subtle and unseen barriers in our daily lives that make it difficult to feel or think positively about each other even when we want very much to do so.

Lowering Prison Recidivism in South Dakota Prisons
The large number of people in our prisons represent a loss in human potential, broken families and a large sucking sound on our state budget. There are efforts at the state government level to reduce the prison population while insuring public safety. In this presentation, Diggs uses information gleaned from working directly with inmates who are doing life in prison on the revolving plan and suggests what the general public might do to facilitate the rehabilitation of inmates.

The 5th "P" in Marketing
Whether it is for our businesses, schools, churches or civic organizations, we are all involved in marketing. At the very least we are, or should be, marketing ourselves. Diggs points out that people, the 5th "P" in marketing, are central to the promotion of our businesses, churches, schools and ourselves and focuses on the importance of including all people in our marketing strategies.

Valuing Collaboration over Competition
While competition is routinely romanticized, it is collaboration and cooperation that renders real results. Diggs will introduce you to the force of collaboration and show how and why collaboration wins over competition.

Poetry in Motion
Diggs presents an hour-long program of animated poetry and short talks on subjects ranging from "Cultural Imprisonment" to "The Nature of Reality, How the Mind Plays Tricks on Us." The presentation takes participants on a journey of the mind, challenging them to rethink reality. An opportunity to engage in discussion follows.