Lawrence Diggs

Lawrence Diggs
Topics: Communication, Marketing, Prison Reform
Communities: Roslyn
Program Types: Book Club to Go, One Book South Dakota, Pre-recorded Program Video, Speakers Bureau, Virtual Program(s)
Roslyn, SD | 605-486-4536

Improving Communication Skills to Help Solve Human Problems
Finding ways to communicate with each other about sensitive topics can seem especially difficult now. But whether it is across gender, “race”, religious, political or other imaginary lines, we must continue to try. Let’s explore how to do this and put those ideas into practice. We might even practice with an actual issue in your community. We can examine better ways to communicate during this “Covid Era” over Zoom. Lawrence will host and facilitate the meetings, so all the participants need to do is click on a link to join the conversation.

The 3M’s
Representative democracy is all about “Doing the most good, for the most people, most often”. Those three M’s should be the lens through which most social, political and governmental actions are viewed. They should be a standard by which most of our collective actions are judged. They should be the guiding principles of our personal efforts. This program explores and promotes this concept and shows practical ways to put it into action.

Lowering Prison Recidivism in South Dakota Prisons
The large number of people in our prisons represents a loss in human capital, broken families and a large sucking sound on our state budget. Our state government is trying to reduce the prison population while insuring public safety. But the general public can and should can help fix this problem. As a chaplain in the state prison system, Lawrence speaks with inmates about what they can do to be better citizens. This interactive presentation is intended to bring their ideas to you and bring your ideas to them.

Connecting Communities
Humans are feeling beings that think, not thinking beings that feel. The motivation we feel to connect with others comes more from what we feel about them than what we think about them. This program presents ways to lower the resistance to meeting and interacting with people. Drawing on some groundbreaking research, it focuses on getting people to feel different. It has been shown that if people feel differently they will likely think differently. In this interactive discussion you will discover what others are doing and what you can do to bring communities together.

Erasing Imaginary Lines
While we like to think of ourselves as “unique”, we are much more alike than we are different. Erasing the imaginary lines that divide us will allow us to harness the full power of our humanity by allowing more mutual contributions to our lives. This can be especially helpful in improving customer relations whether in business, churches or non-profit organizations. This program explores practical ways we can recognize and remove the imaginary lines that divide us by exploring the “5th P of Marketing”’, “People”.