Arley Fadness

Arley Fadness
Topics: American Old West, History, South Dakota, Veterans/Military History
Communities: Custer
Program Types: Speakers Bureau

Free Lance Writer, Retired Clergy
Onesimus Press
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Doc Sorbel -- Webster's Bandit Buster
This is the true account of Asle Oscar Sorbel, who as a 17-year-old boy helped capture the three Younger brothers of the Jesse James outlaw gang. Incarcerated at Stillwater Prison, the Younger brothers still had friends on the outside willing to "deal with him", so Sorbel chose to disappear. He would later reappear in Webster, SD and spend the rest of his life as the eminent area horse doctor, harboring his secret till he died in 1930.

South Dakota Bombed by Japanese Balloon During World War II
Fadness describes the little-known bombing of South Dakota by Japanese incendiary Fu-Go balloons (balloon bombs) during World War II. Nine thousand balloons were launched from the Japanese mainland in late 1944 and in 1945. Nine landings have been discovered on South Dakota soil. It is speculated that additional dangerous bombs lurk undetected in remote areas of North America.

Huron-born World War I Balloon Hero
This slide program and talk portrays the fascinating drama of balloon aeronaut, Lieutenant Harlou Paul Neibling. Neibling received the Distinguished Service Cross medal for his valor in France, shooting down a German Fokker D-VII airplane with his Colt .45 pistol while parachuting from his attacked and burning observation balloon.

Aeronauts, Balloons and the Stratobowl
This PowerPoint presentation tells the story of seven significantly historic, scientific balloons flown out of the Strato bowl since 1934. The Stratobowl is a deep, naturally circular canyon in the Black Hills, eleven miles south of Rapid City, SD. The historic launches, which were the beginnings of space exploration, are commemorated each September by an annual ascension of hot air balloons from the canyon floor.

Outlaw Black Bart Unmasked: The Man, The Myth, The Metaphor
Black Bart was the nemesis of the Wells Fargo Stage Coach Line. He robbed 29 stage coaches and was one of the most feared outlaws in the Sierras. Was he ever caught? Who was he really?