Wayne Fanebust

Wayne Fanebust
Topics: American Old West, History, South Dakota
Communities: Sioux Falls
Program Types: Speakers Bureau

Wayne Fanebust
Sioux Falls, SD
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Chasing Frank and Jesse James: The Bungled Northfield Bank Robbery and the Long Manhunt
Frank and Jesse James, the infamous brothers from Missouri, rode with marauding Confederate guerrillas during the Civil War. Having learned to kill and raid without compunction, they easily transitioned from rebels to outlaws after the war, robbing stagecoaches, banks and trains in Missouri and surrounding states. It was a botched bank robbery in Northfield, MN, followed by an improbable escape through the Dakota Territory and Iowa, that elevated the James brothers from notorious criminals to legendary figures of American history and folklore.

Outlaw Dakota: The Murderous Times and Criminal Trials of Frontier Judge Peter C. Shannon
Rumors of gold in the Black Hills, even before Custer's 1874 expedition, enticed many a fortune seeker to Dakota Territory where lawlessness ruled the day. To the Dakota frontier in 1873, President Grant sent Peter C. Shannon as the new Chief Justice of the Dakota Territory Supreme Court. A Pennsylvanian, Shannon brought the rule of law, trying murderers, horse thieves, vigilantes, men of fortune, women of the night, and a passel of blacklegs! Among Shannon's most notorious cases were those of Jack McCall, who swung for the assassination of Wild Bill Hickok; the Snake Creek lynching, the murder of Civil War hero Gen. Edwin McCook by Peter Wintermute, and more.