Annette Atkins

Annette Atkins
Topics: History, Women
Communities: Minneapolis, MN
Program Types: Book Club to Go, One Book South Dakota, Speakers Bureau

Professor Emerita of History
Saint John's University/College of Saint Benedict
1225 LaSalle Ave Apt 1307, Minneapolis, MN 55403-2331 | 612-204-1955

American Women and American History
In the 2020 centennial year of the Woman Suffrage Amendment to the Constitution, we will look at women and the vote, women and politics, women and American history. Who have they been, and why were they that? This is a political story worth exploring.

Finding History on Our Feet: American History Through Shoes
Cowboy boots, Air Jordans, Redwing boots, Earth Shoes, Manolo Blahniks? Our shoes tell a lot about us, and it turns out, a lot about the United States. We can trace some of the most important economic, social, cultural -- even some political -- trends in America by looking at shoes. Where were they made and sold, and how has that changed over time? Why did my grandmother need only a half dozen pairs and I need at least two dozen? This is history that you'll wish you'd had in school.

Women and Education
How was it that teaching -- along with nursing and secretarial work -- came to be one of the jobs "appropriate" for women when so many other occupations were not? How is it that school work is still considered by many to be "female" and concert hall seats and church benches are occupied by so many more women than men?

What Is the Use of History, Anyway?
So many people have reported that they had horrible school experiences with history. Rather than emphasizing memorization and dates, Atkins says history that matters emphasizes time and imagination. It gives us a way to understand the worlds and world views of people other than ourselves (our parents, for example). Done well, it helps us explain ourselves to ourselves. In this workshop Atkins helps us look at ourselves in historical perspective and to remember and write about our own history.