Wayne Gilbert

Wayne Gilbert
Topics: American Old West, History, Native American, South Dakota
Communities: Belle Fourche
Program Types: Speakers Bureau, Women's Suffrage Commemoration Topics

832 Fairview Dr, Belle Fourche, SD 57717
gilbert@rushmore.com | 605-641-5642

Crow Dog
Gilbert examines the legal and social history of the prosecution of Lower Brule elder, Crow Dog, for the death of Spotted Tail. Gilbert discusses Crow Dog's incarceration in Deadwood, during which time he became part of the fabric of Deadwood society; and his life after the legal battle was over, including his actions in the days leading up to the Wounded Knee massacre.

Water Wars in Butte County During the "Dirty Thirties"
In May of 1934 a dispute arose over the rights to what little water there was in Butte County. Several men dragged another man behind a horse during the dispute. They were tried and convicted of assault with intent to commit murder and their convictions were affirmed by the South Dakota Supreme Court. Gilbert's presentation is based on the trial records, as well as published accounts of the incident.

Vigilante Justice in the Black Hills, 1875-1900
This is an account of the lynchings that occurred in the Black Hills; including biographical information as to the probable perpetrators and their victims.

Incident at Lightning Creek
In 1904 a band of Lakota had a gunfight with a Wyoming sheriff's posse in northeastern Wyoming. The dispute was over hunting rights and alleged poaching. Several deaths occurred and a Congressional investigation was ordered. Gilbert gives an account of the gunfight and biographical information as to the principal suspects involved.