Allen & Jill Kirkham

Allen & Jill Kirkham
Topics: American Old West, History, Music, Native American, Poetry, South Dakota
Communities: Custer
Program Types: Musical Performance, Speakers Bureau
AJ Productions, LLC
Custer, SD | (605) 440-7338

History of Traditional American Western Music
In 40 years of live concert music, the Kirkhams have realized American culture is slowly losing knowledge of American Western heritage. The purpose of this program is to raise awareness. This is an oral and live musical presentation using acoustic guitar, bass fiddle, mandolin, and harmonica of public domain, traditional Western music covering trail drives and the Black Hills mini era and Badger Clark era. It includes select classic, contemporary and original Western music from 1840-1907. The Kirkhams share background and history behind the songs and include songs of the Black Hills, valleys, pine trees and plains, cowboys and cowgirls, horses and cattle, pioneer families, gold miners, ghost towns, cavalry, Native Americans, outlaws, gamblers and gunfighters. Presentation length is determined by the host, but is typically from 75 - 90 minutes long.