Michael F. McDonald

Michael F. McDonald
Topics: American Old West, History, Music, Poetry, South Dakota, Veterans/Military History
Communities: Yankton
Program Types: Musical Performance, Speakers Bureau

Yankton, SD
oisins_remnant@yahoo.com | (605) 664-7672

Nighthawk Tunes
The great grandchildren of Thomas Moore's "Irish Melodies" poems -- the classic cowboy poetry of the Great Northern Plains.

Badger Clark's Poetry
His poetry put to nighthawk tunes.

Robert V. Carr, Spanish American War Veteran
Poetry from cowboy lyrics and Black Hills ballads put to tunes.

Music of the Mexican American and the US Civil Wars
The connection between Thomas Moore and Stephen Collin Foster.

Travels of the Corps – 1804
Songs and stories of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery journey through the Great Northern Plains region.