Jason McEntee

Jason McEntee
Topics: History, Veterans/Military History, Women
Communities: Brookings
Program Types: Speakers Bureau

Professor, English Department Head
South Dakota State University
Brookings, SD
jason.mcentee@sdstate.edu | (605) 697-8019

Strangers in Their Own Land
McEntee examines Iraqi Freedom movies in the context of the warrior's homecoming. He analyzes the "coming home" narrative and studies warrior trauma, re-adjustment, and repatriation as seen in movies.

The Famous, the Infamous, and the Dead: Filming Operation Iraqi Freedom
The presenter discusses the idea of "filming war" through an emerging body of Iraq War movies - mainstream, alternative, and even those shot by warriors themselves, often utilizing "new media" technology.

Re-Thinking Gender after the Gulf Wars: Literary and Film Representations of the Female Warrior
This presentation examines the role of the female - as soldier, nurse, citizen - in post-Vietnam combat narratives, both autobiographical and fictional.

We're Still Here: How the Humanities Re-Define Today's Workplace and Why It Matters to Us
McEntee uses current job-related and other facts, statistics, examples, and opinions/anecdotes to reinforce both the value of the humanities in our day-to-day lives and the value of the humanities in educational and professional settings.