Scott Breuninger

Scott Breuninger
Topics: History
Communities: Vermillion
Program Types: Book Club to Go, Speakers Bureau

Associate Professor of History
University of South Dakota
306 Lewis St, Vermillion, SD 57069 | 605-658-3338

The Common Good and the Liberal Arts
One of the lasting legacies of the founding fathers was respect and support for the "common good" among all American citizens. This presentation will focus on how engaged citizens in today's increasingly global world need to have an appreciation for the historical situations that have shaped their lives and a greater sense of their responsibilities and duties to the "common good."

Hidden Histories: Conspiracies, Truth, and Historical Knowledge
The goal of accurately describing historical events is often seen as an unassailable virtue, providing a basis for the collective memories that inform a peoples' sense of identity and shared past, but is this a fair assessment in how "history" is used? In a culture where "truthiness" has replaced "the truth" and long-held verities are challenged daily, what role can historical memory play in helping twenty-first century citizens understand themselves and recent past? This presentation uses conspiracy theories as a point of entry for investigating recent historical events and controversies, closely examining the construction of historical memory.