Dr. Christine Stewart

Dr. Christine Stewart
Topics: Poetry, Writing
Communities: Brookings
Program Types: Speakers Bureau

South Dakota State University
Brookings, SD
christine.poetscholar@gmail.com | (605) 691-3714

The Work of Creativity—Principles, Perspective, and Practice
Stewart offers a theory of understanding creativity applicable across creative domains—art, literature, architecture, music, etc. to explore what we need to break through creative "blocks" and work as Creatives (or support the Creatives in our lives).

Poetry for the Curious, Not the Connoisseur
Stewart discusses the elements of poetry—imagery, sound tension, and space—in the work of South Dakota poets publishing today.

Nudes, Narratives, & Abstract Art—Ekphrastic Poetry
Neubert gives a historical overview about writing poetry inspired by art, a description of techniques poets use to do so, and reasons why this mode of writing is so popular among writers.

Writing Memoirs to Remember
Stewart explores the impulse to write personal stories to both help ourselves remember the past and communicate those memories to friends and family.