Brad Tennant

Brad Tennant
Topics: History, Native American, South Dakota, Veterans/Military History, Women
Communities: Aberdeen
Program Types: One Book South Dakota, Speakers Bureau, Virtual Program(s), Women's Suffrage Commemoration Topics

Professor of History
Presentation College
Aberdeen, SD | (605) 229-8577

South Dakota During the Progressive Era
Tennant places events occurring in South Dakota within the period known as the Progressive Era. Topics include the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in South Dakota, political figures such as Peter Norbeck, the impact of the Populist movement on the state and the Progressive Era, and legislation regarding the state's economy, workers, education, tourism, and more. The program is intended for high school students and the general public.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition
This program can easily be adjusted to cover various aspects of the Lewis and Clark Expedition depending on a group's specific interest (e.g., American Indians, wildlife, military, food/nutrition, medicine, members, etc.) The program can be adapted for any audience.

Looking Back at South Dakota's first 125 Years of Statehood, 1889-2014
Tennant features select events from South Dakota's first 125 years of statehood. Topics include, but are not limited to, statehood conventions and issues, the impact of Populism and Progressivism, ethnic influences, the Great Depression, and the Cold War era. The program is suited for junior high/high school audiences and the general public. Emphasis is placed on how events in South Dakota were connected to the larger picture of United States history.

The Arikara
This program includes the history and culture of the Arikara, their role in intertribal trade, the impact of disease, their encounter with Lewis and Clark, and their conflicts with the U.S. government from 1807 to the 1820s. The program can be adapted for any audience.