Roderick Brown

Roderick Brown
Topics: American Old West, History, Native American, South Dakota
Communities: Mitchell
Program Types: One Book South Dakota, Speakers Bureau

Independent Scholar, Pastor
Mitchell, SD | 605-770-8493

Discovering Dakota: A People and Land of Infinite Variety
Everyone comes from somewhere and everyone's story is worth telling, and hearing! The questions are: Where did we come from? Why did we come here? What have we done since coming here? What are we building for the future?

Dakota Diaspora: The Jewish Community of South Dakota
South Dakota has a vital Jewish community that stretches from one end of the state to the other. Brown shares how members of this community came into South Dakota beginning in the 1870s, and from then to now, have built families and businesses, endured antisemitism and celebrated triumphs. They have sacrificed to build and sacrificed for freedom.

The Blair Colony: A New Land and New Life
The Blair Colony was also known as the Sully County Colored Colony and became a source of possibility for former slaves and their children. The presentation is based on a 2019 exhibition that explores the African American experience in South Dakota.

Cultural Change: Beads and Buffalo
Tribal cultures experienced incredible and dislocating change from the arrival of Lewis & Clark (1804) to the 19th century decimation of the buffalo herds that once spread across the South Dakota prairie. Brown focuses on the transition from quillwork to beadwork and loss of the buffalo, and examines both voluntary and forced cultural change.