Peter Hoesing

Peter Hoesing
Topics: Anthropology, Education, Music
Communities: Sioux Falls
Program Types: Speakers Bureau
Director of Sponsored Programs and Faculty Affiliate
Dakota State University
Sioux Falls, SD | (850) 566-4929

Musical Healing Repertories and Ecologies of Wellbeing in Uganda
Hoesing examines his main body of research in a malleable, 30-60 minute slide deck with live musical examples, best suited to adult audiences. These repertories emerge from two of southern Uganda's ethnolinguistic groups, the Baganda and the Basoga. Traditional healing in Uganda is revealed to be a highly social activity in which musical sound features prominently at nearly every stage throughout the diagnostic and therapeutic trajectory. Also highlighted are the close linkages among people, their lands, their crops, animals both domestic and wild, and the medicinal plants of the forest that they use so well.

Humans' Oldest Hobby: Why we Sing and Play, Why it Matters, and How Music Makes us Human
This program is a broader introduction to the humanistic social science called ethnomusicology. The 45-60 minute program for adult audiences uses a variety of examples from across the globe to examine the ancient, cross-culturally relevant phenomenon we call music. Hoesing teases out the cultural embeddedness of music in Western Antiquities, comparing it with ancient antiquities from differing geo-cultural and spiritual traditions. Ultimately, the program grapples with the challenging space between the universality of music-making as a human concept and the specificity of its apparently infinite cultural variety.

African Songs and Stories for Young Listeners: An Interactive Experience in Music and Culture for K-6 Audiences
Based on stories and songs from mainland Africa with emphasis on East Africa's Great Lakes region, this 20-40-minute presentation brings lessons from colorful songs, stories, and characters to young listeners. It is excellent for a first-time introduction to the continent and can be adapted for a variety of content standards according to instructional goals.

African Cities and Soundscapes: An Interactive Experience in Music and Culture for 7-12 Audiences
Based on experiences in Uganda and South Africa, as well as popular repertories that span the continent and the globe, this 30-50 minute offering opens young ears and minds to contemporary African life. Depending on the classes and instructors hosting, it can be adapted for a variety of discipline-specific content standards and instructional goals.