Kate Meadows

Kate Meadows
Topics: Communication, Writing
Communities: Rapid City
Program Types: Book Club to Go, One Book South Dakota, Speakers Bureau

Writer, Editor, Workshop Instructor
Kate Meadows Writing & Editing
Rapid City, SD
kate@katemeadows.com | (605) 858-0138

Writing and Community: Using Story as Connection
This dynamic writing workshop for all ages explores the power of story and how we can use words to create, communicate and connect. Create - How to bring an idea to life; how to make the most of your writing time. Communicate - How to tell a story effectively; why it's important to take risks with your writing. Connect - Why a community is crucial to the writing process; how to find your "tribe."

Telling our Life Stories
We all have them: Memories of childhood, family photos, journal pages of moments both cherished and long-forgotten, perhaps even cassette tapes or home videos that capture the life of a loved one. We've all said it: "I should really do something with this!" This workshop addresses why life stories matter and how they can be effective ways of communicating with and impacting those around us. We will explore ways to turn our life stories into cohesive, engaging documents that can be proudly preserved for generations to come.

Writing Through Social Difference
This workshop centers on writing as a basic yet strong form of communication and discovery. Participants will explore how their collective roles and life experiences might contribute to constructive community outreach and conversation. Through tough questions, writing exercises and active listening, participants will learn to STAND (Share Truth. Act Nobly. Dare).

Creative Writing for Kids
This is an adaptable workshop designed to help kids (ages 7-10, 11-13, or 14-18) tap into their creative wells and create work that is fun, engaging, and meaningful. Workshops include writing prompts and quiet time to write, as well as discussions about the primary elements of a good story: character, setting, plot, conflict.