Kris Miner

Kris Miner
Topics: Communication, Prison Reform
Communities: Gregory
Program Types: Speakers Bureau
Circle Space Services
Gregory, SD | (605) 831-0119

Restorative Justice: Building Community and Repairing Harm
Restorative justice builds community and engages those most impacted in repairing harm. Effective in serious crime and violence, to preventing harm and wrongdoing, restorative justice is a powerful tool. This presentation provides audiences with inspiring examples of how people find humanity and offer forgiveness.

Restorative Justice Circle Peacemaking
People began to speak to one another as they gathered around fire. Circles are a powerful communication tool. Miner has traveled the U.S. at the request of public schools and tribal communities helping other learn, understand and facilitate circle peacemaking. Circles can happen in daycares, classrooms, prisons, social clubs and any community group. Examples, stories and the fundamental art of speaking and listening from a ground place will be shared.