Phyllis Cole-Dai

Phyllis Cole-Dai
Topics: History, Native American, Poetry, South Dakota, Women
Communities: Brookings
Program Types: Speakers Bureau
Author, Public Speaker
712 6th St, Brookings, SD 57006 | 605-592-6293

The 1862 Dakota Uprising Through Sarah Wakefield's Eyes
Cole-Dai invites participants to consider the 1862 Dakota Uprising in Minnesota from the perspective of Sarah Wakefield. The wife of a government physician on the Dakota reservation, Wakefield was captured on the first morning of the outbreak and later rumored to have loved Caske, her Dakota captor and protector. After the war, a military tribunal sentenced Caske to death. Perhaps owing to Sarah's testimony in Caske's defense, President Lincoln issued an order sparing his life; and yet Caske was among the 38 Dakota warriors hanged in Mankato, Minnesota, on December 26, 1862.

A Look at Homelessness from Street Level
What does homelessness look and feel like from street level? Hear from someone who chose to go without a home for 47 days and practice compassion while living among the street people of Columbus, Ohio. After this presentation, you might look at every person you meet with new eyes.

What the Heck is Mindfulness Poetry?
Cole-Dai explores the practice of mindfulness and how poetry can support it.