Dyanis Conrad-Popova

Dyanis Conrad-Popova
Topics: Communication, Education
Communities: Vermillion
Program Types: Speakers Bureau

Assistant Professor
University of South Dakota
Vermillion, SD
Dyanis.Popova@usd.edu | 540-597-4758

Culture and Schooling
The way that students read and understand the world and their connection to society and community is heavily shaped by their life experiences and their social identities. A welcoming and inclusive school environment can create the space for students to grow and blossom. This presentation explores the intersections of culture and schooling in the U.S. context and provides educators with time to reflect on and shape a schooling experience that recognizes and celebrates the experiences and cultures of all students.

Intercultural Communication and Culturally Responsive Communities
As our communities become increasingly diverse, unfamiliarity with cultural differences can often lead to unintended miscommunications. Conrad-Popova explores common cultural misinterpretations and provides a framework through which individuals and communities can reflect on their own cultural norms and any cognitive dissonance that arises in interactions with others whose cultural norms may differ. The presentation also provides a framework for positive intercultural communication and creating welcoming and inclusive community spaces and attitudes.