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  1. thumbnail image for blog post: South Dakota Humanities Council Awards $30K in Statewide Grants
    April 11, 2017

    The South Dakota Humanities Council Board of Directors has awarded $30,000 in major grant funding to organizations around the state, including several supporting the 2017 Race and Civility Initiative.

  2. thumbnail image for blog post: Humanities reach grows with grants
    December 29, 2015

    From 2011 through 2015, the SDHC awarded $624,463 in grants to 200 projects in a five-year period, from 2011 through 2015. These projects reach across South Dakota, as noted in the illustration.…

  3. thumbnail image for blog post: Meet cast, crew of Lakota language documentary “Rising Voices/Hotȟaŋiŋpi” in Pierre
    November 3, 2015

    A free public showing of “Rising Voices/Hotȟaŋiŋpi” will be on Tuesday, Nov. 10, at 7 p.m. CST at the South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre. The documentary tells the story of a passionate, dedicated and diverse group of people who are working together to save the Lakota language and restore it to its rightful place in Lakota, and American, culture.