Festival Feature: Avi

Author Avi was featured at the South Dakota Festival of Books with his book, "Sophia's War." 

Festival Feature: Avi

Book featured at this year’s Festival: Sophia’s War


1. Have you ever presented at the South Dakota Festival of Books before? If so, tell us your favorite memory. If not, tell us what you are expecting and why you signed on.
It is always a privilege to meet the readers of my books.

2. What is the earliest memory you have of books and/or reading?
There is a family story that at the age of five I burst into the kitchen shouting, “I can read! I can read!”

3. Who is your favorite author (besides yourself!) and why?
I suspect Charles Dickens because of his brilliance in depiction of character and places.

4. If you have to give one piece of succinct advice to an aspiring author, what would it be?
Read, read, read, read, read, read, read . . . .

5. Tell us one fact about yourself that nobody knows.
I wrote a novel that nobody wanted to publish because it was too scary.

6. What was the greatest moment of your literary career?
When I truly began to read.

7. Describe the feeling you had when you first held a finished, published copy of a book you had written.
Relief. It had taken fourteen years to get to that point.

8. What is the best movie adaptation of a book you have ever seen? The worst?
Best: The Maltese Falcon
Worst: The Wizard of Oz

9. What is the strangest question you have ever been asked related to your career as an author or your writings?
“What are your feelings about adjectives?”

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