Festival Feature: Patrick Hicks

Festival Feature: Patrick Hicks

NOTE: Festival Feature is a new recurring series of short profiles we will run leading up to the Festival, with each of our authors featured.

Festival Feature

Author Name: Patrick Hicks

Website: www.patrickhicks.org

Book featured at this year’s Festival: The Commandant of Lubizec (novel) and Adoptable (poetry)

1. Have you ever presented at the South Dakota Festival of Books before? If so, tell us your favorite memory. If not, tell us what you are expecting and why you signed on.

I’ve had the good fortune to present at the Festival of Books several times now, and I think my favorite memory was reading with Ted Kooser in the Orpheum Theatre. It was a real treat to be on the same stage with one of a national poet laureate.

2. What is the earliest memory you have of books and/or reading?

My parents gave me loads of books from an early age, and I wanted to learn how to write. How did these writers make me live in a world that only existed thanks to paper and ink? Whole lives were created out of thin air, and I wanted to know how this magic trick was done.

3. Who is your favorite author (besides yourself! :)) and why?

Too numerous to mention, although I do tend to gravitate towards Irish and British writers. The writers that really move me tend to be on the other side of the Atlantic.

4. If you have to give one piece of succinct advice to an aspiring author, what would it be?

Fall in love with the process of writing. Ultimately, it’s not about getting published or doing book signings—it’s about loving the work.

5. Tell us one fact about yourself that nobody knows.

If I told you, I’d have to kill you. It’s very hush-hush. Very secret.

6. What was the greatest moment of your literary career?

I hope it’s still somewhere up the road, and not in my rear-view mirror.

7. Describe the feeling you had when you first held a finished, published copy of a book you had written.

Holding the finished copy of every book is a thrill. You’d think the first book was the most special, but each one is an adventure, so that moment of holding it is just…it’s just so gratifying.

8. What is the best movie adaptation of a book you have ever seen? The worst?

I don’t believe the ultimate goal for a writer should be to see her or his book on the big screen. Writing is so much different than making a movie. They’re totally different creatures so, in a way, all movies are doomed to miss the essence of a book. How can 120 minutes in a theatre compete with hours and hours of vivid life inside your own head?

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