Why the Humanities: 'Humanities and Education Go Hand in Hand'

Why the Humanities?

By Angela Ostrander

Editor's Note: "Why the Humanities" is a new SDHC blog series explaining the importance of the humanities to our state and nation. The series features guest posts from experts in the humanities disciplines and those who have been touched by humanities programming. The opinions expressed in this series do not represent official views of the South Dakota Humanities Council and are the sole property of the author.

Angela Ostrander is supervisor of the Faith Public/School Library, a regular SDHC program coordinator, and winner of the 2015 Distinguished Achievement in the Humanities Award.

'People Need to Have an Understanding of the Humanities'

Please describe the importance of the humanities to you.

  • "Humanities and education go hand in hand. People need to have an understanding of the humanities, and the SDHC offers that. This enables me to provide programming through our library for our community members."

How have the humanities impacted you and others in your life?

  • "Educating ourselves and providing opportunities for others to learn is essential for living a full life."

How do the humanities improve the lives of our citizens?

  • "The more you know, the better person you become. You develop a sensitivity for others and celebrate humans!"

When you hear the word "humanities," what is the first thing that comes to mind?

  • "Human nature, people, relationships, understanding others."

'SDHC Funds Help me Provide a Better Literacy Program for my Community'

How could eliminating the NEH be harmful to our country?

  • "I think having humanities programming available provides educational opportunities for everyone and increases tolerance (everyone understands and celebrates our gifts/shares with others)."

Please describe your favorite humanities memory.

  • "Of course, winning a Humanities "Lifetime Achievement Trophy" – but also, being able to provide educational opportunities for everyone through programming."

Please describe your favorite humanities experience.

  • "See #6 answer!!! SDHC funds help me provide a better literacy program for my community, which increases education about the humanities!"

How can other citizens help save the humanities from elimination?

  • "Become educated – through programs like those at the library."

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