Young Readers Author Meets Rapid City Students

Not every child gets to say they were able to meet the author of a book they've read, but third graders in Rapid City Area Schools can after Tuesday.

As part of the Young Readers One Book Festival, students received a copy of "Andy Shane and Delores Starbuckle" to take home and read over the summer.

The program gets kids amped up to read over the summer. To celebrate their successes, they are able to meet and listen to a presentation by Jennifer Richard Jacobson, author of the Andy Shane books.

Jacobson says, "There's a connection made between reader and author. I write the stories but then they imagine them. They believe these characters are real. I drive so much pleasure from meeting my readers. I think they get a kick out of learning the stories behind the book they read."

The event is a part of the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading Initiative, put on by several organizations including the United Way of the Black Hills, the South Dakota Humanities Council, Rapid City Public School Foundation, and the school district.