Brainstorming: The Human Connection

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  • Sept. 2 | Native American Boarding Schools Featuring special guest Denise K. Lajimodiere, author, 2021 Festival of Books presenter and co-founder of the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition. Lajimodiere and host Lawrence Diggs discuss the history of trauma endured by students at Native American boarding schools. 
  • Sept. 9 | South Dakota Special to New York Times Notable Featuring acclaimed Spearfish author Kent Meyers, a 2021 Festival presenter whose novels have been featured on the New York Times Notable Books list. Meyers and host Lawrence Diggs discuss Meyers' career trajectory: how did an unknown writer from a small state make his way onto the national literary scene?
  • Sept. 16 | Pioneer Girl: Laura Ingalls Wilder Special guest and 2021 Festival presenter Nancy Koupal, director and editor in chief of the Pioneer Girl Project, discusses her research and compilation of Pioneer Girl: The Revised Texts and Pioneer Girl Perspectives: Exploring Laura Ingalls Wilder with host Lawrence Diggs.
  • Sept. 23 | The Artist's Journey 2021 Festival of Books presenter Kent Nerburn offers a behind the scenes look at creativity as he discusses his book The Artist's Journey: On Making Art and Being an Artist with host Lawrence Diggs.
  • Sept. 30 | Operating in your Environment Is the ability to understand how the things in your home work important? Why/why not? What devices can you maintain or repair in your home? How did you learn to maintain or repair things?
  • Oct. 7 | Race in America Where do we go from here? What is race? Why does it dominate life in America? What kinds of things can each of us do to change things? 
  • Oct. 16 | Letting Go: Getting over a Grudge Should you forgive a grudge? How can you do it?
  • Oct. 23 | Emotional vs Logical Processing What are the definitions of these two terms? What is their cost/benefit? How do you process/balance them?
  • Oct. 30 | Language Preservation Is language being lost as different generations pass through time? If so, which languages? How can we preserve them?

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Diggs Hosting Weekly Sessions

The South Dakota Humanities Council, in cooperation with longtime SDHC scholar Lawrence Diggs, has developed a program to bring people peace and unity during these trying and divisive times. 

Brainstorming: The Human Connection is a weekly discussion series led by Diggs. When it becomes safe once again to meet in person, sessions will be held in person. Until then, participants will gather via Zoom. Diggs will use his humanities expertise to introduce and connect people with one another to help avoid tragic misunderstandings like the one that occurred in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, when George Floyd, an African-American man, died after police kneeled on his back and neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Read our official statement on that situation here). 

Since this event, unrest has spread across the US, stemming from deeply rooted racial injustices that plague both America's past and present. As a State Humanities Council, it is our duty to provide humanities solutions to heal communities across their states and facilitate meaningful conversations in light of these circumstances.

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About: Diggs is the host of Brainstorming: The Human Connection, a weekly South Dakota Humanities Council discussion series on forging human relationships. Audience participation is encouraged. Please note the meetings will be recorded. If you'd prefer not to be on the recording, you can attend and listen with your video and/or microphone turned off.

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