One Book South Dakota

Host a One Book South Dakota discussion, featuring the One Book South Dakota selection and a scholar to lead the discussion. 

Groups receive the current OBSD on loan from the SDHC lending library and host a SDHC scholar for their event. Since 2003, the OBSD program has encouraged people across South Dakota to read and discuss the same book through the year.

Apply to host a One Book South Dakota discussion. 


2017 One Book South Dakota

The 2017 One Book South Dakota is Kitchens of the Great Midwest, by J. Ryan Stradal.

Kitchens PB cover - low res.jpg

Use the Reading Guide (discussion questions and biological information) and/or the full Book Club Kit (recipes, author interview, blurbs, etc.) to expand and enrich your reading experience! 




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Any non-profit organization is eligible to participate in One Book South Dakota.