Pulitzer Prize Centennial


  1. Three people and one South Dakota-based bank were recognized at the South Dakota Festival of Books with the 2016 Distinguished Achievement in the Humanities award for their contributions to humanities in the state. Continue Reading

  2. South Dakota Public Broadcasting's Lori Walsh talks with Jane Smiley, author of Some Luck - the 2016 One Book South Dakota. The conversation was recorded in front of a live audience at the South Dakota Festival of Books in Brookings on Friday, Sept. 23 at the Performing Arts Center. Continue Reading

  3. A collection of essays from scholars, educators, authors and journalists on the value of works by the Pulitzer Prize winners who have presented in South Dakota in 2016. Continue Reading

  4. In fall 1995, Michael Chabon was sitting pretty. He had three books to his credit, each more warmly received than the last. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, published when he was just 24, was one of the most celebrated first novels in recent memory. Continue Reading

  5. Few accolades are so widely recognized and respected that receiving one is almost a guarantee that it will appear in the first paragraph of your biography and usually within the first sentence. But such is the case with The Pulitzer Prize, an annual award recognizing American achievements in journalism as well as literature and musical composition. Continue Reading

  6. A new biography on General George Armstrong Custer, Custer’s Trials: A Life on the Frontier of a New America by T.J. Stiles, focuses on the life and events in Custer’s world, saving the famous battle, the Battle of Little Bighorn – or Greasy Grass, to the epilogue. Continue Reading

Upcoming Pulitzer Events

Jonathan Weiner, Non-fiction (1995): Thursday, Nov. 10, 7 pm MT, Rapid City at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, Surbeck Center Ballroom. Free & open to the public. More...

Programs & Events

2:07 pm | Brandon Valley High School
8:00 am | University of South Dakota
7:00 pm | Sturgis Public Library
7:30 pm | Dakota Sunset Museum