A Reading by the Women Poets Collective

“A Reading by the Women Poets Collective”
Friday, Oct 9
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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The Women Poets Collective was formed in 2015 by Christine Stewart-Nuñez, poet and Professor of English at South Dakota State University, and the current South Dakota Poet Laureate.

Christine was working on a poetry manuscript and wanted feedback, but she was pregnant with her second son and couldn't travel to conferences or workshops. So she gathered a group of women poets who she believed (1) would be generous and supportive but critical reviewers (2) had work in progress for which they would also want feedback; and (3) were available. 


The WPC now meets annually to workshop each others' recent projects, and to give a public reading of their work. Eight manuscripts workshopped at the annual WPC gatherings have since been published. In addition, the WPC gives live and virtual readings by invitation.


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