Eliza Blue

Eliza Blue
Topics: Environmental Issues, History, Literature, Music, South Dakota
Communities: Bison
Program Types: Pre-recorded Program Video, Speakers Bureau, Virtual Program(s)

Bison, SD
elizabluesings@gmail.com | (605) 892-5244

PlainSong: Reimagining the Prairie Narrative Through Stories & Songs w/ Eliza Blue
Fueled by the imperialist mission of manifest destiny, the legend of the American pioneer lauded independence and stoicism, as well as the virtues of conquering the landscape. Through her lyrics and prose, modern-day homesteader, Blue, considers the role of human enterprise within the grassland ecosystem now. What is our place as 21st century agriculturists in preserving and promoting the culture of place while also working to become "better ancestors" and better denizens of the lands we cultivate? By examining original source material such as 'Land of the Burnt Thigh' and the Little House books next to modern writers such as Dan O'Brien, Wendell Berry, Linda Hasselstrom, and Eliza's own work, what do we discover about the evolution of this narrative?