Festival Feature: Marcia Calhoun Forecki

Festival Feature: Marcia Calhoun Forecki

NOTE: Festival Feature is a recurring series of short profiles about 2014 South Dakota Festival of Books authors that we will run leading up to the Festival.

Festival Feature

Author Name: Marcia Calhoun Forecki

Website: Goodreads Profile

Book featured at 2014 Festival: Blood of the White Bear

1. Have you ever presented at the South Dakota Festival of Books before? If so, tell us your favorite memory. If not, tell us what you are expecting and why you signed on.

I have attended two Festivals, but this will be my first time presenting. I wanted to share my excitement for writing and books, and I expect to meet many wonderful, similarly-minded people.

2. What is the earliest memory you have of books and/or reading?

I remember walking by myself to the public library at about age eight, and falling instantly in love with everything about the place.

3. Who is your favorite author and why?

I am currently discovering the great work of Dawn Powell, and so at present she is my favorite. I find her writing to be so clear and full of humor.

4. If you have to give one piece of succinct advice to an aspiring author, what would it be?

Never give up!

5. Tell us one fact about yourself that nobody knows.

Sorry, but I need my secrets.

6. What was the greatest moment of your literary career?

Receiving a national award for my book, Speak To Me, published by Gallaudet University Press.

7. Describe the feeling you had when you first held a finished, published copy of a book you had written.

Utter joy and great pride.

8. What is the best movie adaptation of a book you have ever seen? The worst?

The best is Lonesome Dove, by McMurtry.

9. Write a haiku that describes you as a writer.

Water blown by soft breeze,
Sun flickers through cottonwoods,
Here my heart rests, home.

10. What is the strangest question you have ever been asked related to your career as an author or your writings?

My first book, Speak To Me, is about discovering my son’s deafness. Someone once asked me if it was written in Braille.

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