Killer Nashville Comes to South Dakota

Stafford, Clay - Cold-Blooded.jpgNashville is more than the Music City these days. It’s an up and coming force in the (fictional) murder business, as well.

Clay Stafford, a Nashville native, helped launch the first “Killer Nashville” writers conference in 2006. “We wanted something that would connect writers with readers, but also writers with different writers, and writers with the latest information in the field,” he says.

The last includes not only what’s new in the publishing business, but presentations by local and national law enforcement professionals on developments that might one day be the basis for a thriller’s plot twist.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, conference alumni collaborated on Killer Nashville Noir: Cold Blooded, an anthology published in 2015. Stafford contributed a story and edited what he hopes will become an annual offering.

Stafford’s background is in filmmaking, television and writing.

His fellow presenters are Anne Perry, “who is historical and mysterious,” according to Stafford, and Jeffery Deaver, “who is mysteriously twisted in sometimes the most paranoid of thriller ways. I think the panel together will look at our different writing styles, and how we approach the initial idea, but also the commonalities that are vital for all writers in all media.”


Story reprinted from the 2016 Festival of Books guide, written by staff at South Dakota Magazine