Our Latest Free Book Friday Winner!

Free Book Friday on Facebook: Who Won Last Week?

We know you are curious to find out who won our Free Book Friday contest, so here is the big reveal!

Janae Herman, you are the lucky winner! Please message our Facebook page to collect your South Dakota Festival of Books drink koozy and t-shirt, and “The Commandant of Lubizec,” by 2014 Festival author Patrick Hicks!

Hicks, a Sioux Falls resident, just recently released the book, which is already receiving considerable attention. We are excited to feature him at our 2014 Festival of Books in Downtown Sioux Falls Sept. 26-28.

Hicks is a professor at Augustana College who appeared at the 2012 South Dakota Festival of Books. We recently published a profile on him called Festival Feature.

Be sure to tune in to Festival Fodder tomorrow for an article about what newcomers to the Festival of Books can expect!

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