SDHC Program Catalog Available Online

The 2018 South Dakota Humanities Council Program Catalog is available for download.

Want to book a speaker, check out a set of novels for your book club, or just find out more about our programs like the South Dakota Festival of Books and One Book South Dakota? Visit this link to view it directly in your browser or click the button below to download a free digital copy.

What's in the Catalog?

The annual program catalog condenses the council's annual programs, special initiatives, and Speakers Bureau members into a printed publication.

Use it to book speaker presentations from our lineup of scholars, including:

  • 23 presenters who specialize in our "Democracy and the Informed Citizen" theme
  • 21 discussion leaders for the 2018 One Book South Dakota, "Informing the News"
  • 14 discussion leaders for Book Club to Go selections like "The Namesake," "Overload," and more
  • Nearly 70 presenters with expertise on a broad range of topics

Visit our scholar page for a roster of speakers you can bring to your community for a program.


Introduction by Our Executive Director

To learn more about our programming and content from our publication, we point you to the introduction written by SDHC executive director Sherry DeBoer for this year's edition of the program catalog.

South Dakota Humanities Council Executive Director Sherry DeBoer

Fake or Fact

By Sherry DeBoer
Executive Director, South Dakota Humanities Council

"Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it."- Jonathan Swift

In 1550, the word "fact" first appeared in the English language, 100 years after the invention of the printing press. It would set off the revolution that would create newspapers, and along with it, patterns of democratization and social reorganization now paralleled by Facebook posts, bloggers, citizen Web sites, and 24-hour news cycles.

In this context, SDHC is embracing the exploration of "Democracy and the Informed Citizen." The proliferation of news and information sources of varying quality and relevance leads me to encourage you to join a conversation in the coming months. We will collaborate with the Federation, the Pulitzer Board, the SD Newspaper Association, SDPB, and academic and cultural leaders to explore "What's true? What's false? And what's important?" A Pulitzer Prize-winning national editor will kick off events on April 26, followed by a series of public forums and community-tailored events.

Scholars will facilitate Book Club to Go, discussing selections like "Overload" and the One Book, "Informing the News." Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and authors will bring the issues to life at the SD Festival of Books. Closing events will focus on National Newspaper Week and Native American Day, recognizing the contributions of tribal journalists.

In 2000, "it was forecast that more new information would be created in three years than had been created in the previous three hundred thousand years" (From "Blur: How to Know What's True in the Age of Information Overload," by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel). Browse the offerings in our 2018 Program Catalog and utilize the resources available to navigate the challenges we face today.

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