Want to be a Festival Author?

The Festival of Books author reception.

The South Dakota Humanities Council is always looking for new presenters for the annual South Dakota Festival of Books, which brings together thousands of readers and writers every fall.

We are often asked by members of the public how we select our authors each year. We base our decisions on author availability, regional interest, recent book releases, stipend requirements and more. We also receive many inquiries from aspiring authors who would like to be featured in our annual event, which draws thousands of interested readers and writers together each fall.

Potential Authors Can Present Their Case

This year, for the first time, we are offering these aspiring authors a chance to make their case to us as to why they should be included in the Festival of Books. If you would like to become a presenter at the Festival, fill out the form located on this page and tell us about your books, writing talents, etc. As you’ll see on the form, we’re looking for information that might help the committee make a decision, such as a review copy of your book (s), a link to your website, reviews or articles, publicity materials, etc.

Applications will be considered in the timeliest manner possible; however, some final decisions about the presenter lineup may not be made until May 2015. Selection may be based on factors including, but not limited to, date of latest publication, appropriateness to Festival theme (if applicable), balance of genres and topics, geographical considerations, and other factors. Budget and space constraints limit the number of authors invited to participate as presenters.

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