Anne Dilenschneider

Topics: American Old West, Communication, Discussion Leader, History, Medicine/Healing, Native American, Restoring Relationships & Communities, Right to Vote History & Advocacy, South Dakota, Women

Community: Sioux Falls

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Healing Our Shared Past, Present, and Future: The Hiawatha Indian Insane Asylum
(Note: This presentation is best as a combined presentation with fellow Humanities Scholar Jerry Fogg.) From 1902-1933, Native Americans who angered boarding school staff or reservation agents were sent to the Canton, SD asylum. The place was “like a leper colony” and “inhumane.” One hundred twenty-seven Native Americans from fifty-three tribes remain buried there. As “Keepers of the Canton Native Asylum Story,” we share this story as a way to heal our past.

The Story of a Pioneer – Women’s Suffrage
For decades, Rev. Dr. Anna Howard Shaw – leader of the National Woman Suffrage Association, first woman ordained in the Methodist Church (1880), medical doctor, and head of the first children’s immunization program in America – was missing from the Encyclopedia Britannica. The program talks about living in the Michigan wilderness, college in the mid-1800s, and leading the effort for women’s right to vote.

Restoring Our Relationships and Communities: The Power of Forgiveness
We are told to apologize when we hurt someone. However, apologies are different from the process of forgiveness. Apologies do not restore relationships, asking forgiveness does. Truth & Reconciliation Commissions across the world teach us this is how we repair and rebuild our families, communities, and countries. This presentation draws on their wisdom and explores the power of the process of true forgiveness.

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