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Upcoming Brainstorming Topics

June 27 | Marty Watson – Summer Teachers Institute – Marty Watson, SDHC Scholar and educator, joins SDHC Scholar Lawrence Diggs to preview the upcoming Summer Teachers Institute, sponsored by SDHC, that focuses on the people, places, culture and history of the Lakota and their intersection with immigrant settlement.

July 4 | Happy Independence Day!  (No Program

July 11 | Andrea Baer and Beth Simonson– 6th Annual SD Chislic Festival & 1st Annual Sunflower Festival – Andrea Baer, President of the South Dakota Chislic Festival, and Beth Simonson of the Highmore Arts Council join SDHC Scholar Lawrence Diggs for a conversation about the 6th Annual SD Chislic Festival and the inaugural Sunflower Festival.

July 18 Keli Brings Three White Horses & Roger Crow Eagle – Rosebud Sioux: A Lakota People in Transition – Keli Brings Three White Horses, Museum Curator & Director of the Sicangu Heritage Center at Sinte Gleska University, joins SDHC Scholar Lawrence Diggs for a conversation about the historical photographic exhibit that was recently donated to the university.

NOTE: SDHC expects program participants to behave respectfully. Any questionable conduct may be considered grounds for removal from program participation.

Brainstorming: The Human Connection

SDHC, in cooperation with longtime SDHC scholar and educator, Lawrence Diggs, has developed a program to unite people during divisive times through genuine conversation.

Brainstorming: The Human Connection is a weekly discussion series led by Diggs with a focus on forging human relationships. This program is inspired by the guiding question, “How can we remove the invisible barriers that lead to misunderstandings and even tragedy?”

Audience participation is encouraged. Please note that meetings are recorded – If you would prefer not to be on the recording, you can attend and listen with your video and/or microphone turned off. Previously recorded videos are available on YouTube.

Lawrence Diggs

“I get a deep and ecstatic satisfaction from people learning even one little thing about themselves or overcoming some block that was keeping them from progress in their lives. I believe these brainstorming discussions can lead to better understandings between people.” – L. Diggs