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Upcoming Brainstorming Topics

Feb 29 | Libraries’ Roles in Today’s Digital World – George Seamon, South Dakota’s State Librarian, joins SDHC Scholar Lawrence Diggs for a conversation about the roles that libraries play in today’s digital world.

Mar 7   | History of Women’s Organizations in the Black Hills – Kelly Kirk, Director of the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center and SDHC Board Member, joins SDHC Scholar Lawrence Diggs to reflect on the history and impact of women’s organizations in the Black Hills.

Mar 14   | Wičháho Blihélya: A Podcast in the Lakota Language – Alex Fire Thunder and Robert Two Crow, co-hosts of the podcast created by the Lakota Language Consortium, join SDHC Scholar Lawrence Diggs for a conversation about the show that is designed to teach, revitalize, and help preserve the Lakota language.

Mar 21   | History All Around: Historic Photographs of the Places We Live, Work, and Play Today – Paul Horsted, local author and photographer, joins SDHC Scholar Lawrence Diggs to reflect on his passion of connecting the present with the past and what we can learn from these views about history, the environment, natural processes, and human-initiated development.

Mar 28   | South Dakota Network Against Family Violence & Sexual Assault – Tanya Grassell-Krietlow, Executive Director of South Dakota Network Against Family Violence & Sexual Assault and SDHC Board Member, shares about the organization’s initiatives that address barriers and how the organization supports victims of violence.

NOTE: SDHC expects program participants to behave respectfully. Any questionable conduct may be considered grounds for removal from program participation.

Brainstorming: The Human Connection

SDHC, in cooperation with longtime SDHC scholar and educator, Lawrence Diggs, has developed a program to unite people during divisive times through genuine conversation.

Brainstorming: The Human Connection is a weekly discussion series led by Diggs with a focus on forging human relationships. This program is inspired by the guiding question, “How can we remove the invisible barriers that lead to misunderstandings and even tragedy?”

Audience participation is encouraged. Please note that meetings are recorded – If you would prefer not to be on the recording, you can attend and listen with your video and/or microphone turned off. Previously recorded videos are available on YouTube.

Lawrence Diggs

“I get a deep and ecstatic satisfaction from people learning even one little thing about themselves or overcoming some block that was keeping them from progress in their lives. I believe these brainstorming discussions can lead to better understandings between people.” – L. Diggs