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Speakers Bureau

The South Dakota Humanities Council provides opportunities for South Dakotans to invite scholars to speak on various topics in their communities through the Speakers Bureau program.

Discover the Humanities One-on-One in South Dakota

SDHC’s Speakers Bureau offers a depth of topics that groups across South Dakota can bring to their communities. The council supports nearly 150 Speakers Bureau events annually, across a range of humanities-related subjects.

The benefit in this program lies in the ease in which groups can bring humanities programming to their communities.

Speakers Bureau scholars offer specialized programs, and many offer multiple programs. Some presentations are specific to South Dakota experiences, while others explore greater themes of society and the human experience.

SDHC limits host organizations to four speaker presentations per SDHC’s fiscal year (Nov 1 – Oct 31).

When inviting a scholar to participate in one of our other programs (listed below), there is no host limit; these program restrictions are based on book availability:
  • One Book
  • Book Club to Go
  • Young Readers One Book
Scholar Program

“Trail Blazers” – The Gypsy Cowbelle’s program compares the disappearing lifestyle of the Bedouins with those of the homesteaders and cowboys of the American West, bridging unfamiliar lifestyles from around the world. It’s a grand theme encapsulating the humanities; influencing us by bringing humanity together in true brotherly and sisterly fashion to gather around shared, common topics which transcend –  no matter where on the earth one lives.

Are you interested in becoming one of our scholars? Click here for more information.

Speakers Bureau

SDHC Scholars

If you are hoping to find a scholar who presents on a predetermined topic, click a search term below. Next, click on a resulting scholar name to view their expanded program offerings. Choose the program which best fits your search. For example, searching “Environment” will link to seven unique scholars with programs on the topic. Your job is to decide which scholar will best bring the chosen topic to life for your group or event!

Prospective Scholar Information

Before applying to become an SDHC scholar, please review the SDHC Scholar Guidelines.

For more information about becoming a scholar, email or call the SDHC office at (605) 688-6113. Applications are accepted throughout the year, with an annual submission deadline of August 1st to be considered for SDHC’s following fiscal year (beginning November 1st). The SDHC Program Committee will review applications no later than early September, after which vetted and approved scholars will be notified.