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Arley Fadness

Topics: American Old West, Crime, History, South Dakota

Community: Sioux Falls

Program Types: Speakers Bureau, Virtual Program(s) | 605-321-3636

Strengthening Our Democracy: Remembering History by Shining a Spotlight on the KU Klux Klan in South Dakota
Fadness exposes the Invisible Empire of the KKK in the Rushmore state. The murder of a Catholic priest in Lead, the recruitment of KKK members at the Homestake Gold Mine, and the role of Gutzon Borglum as a white supremacist in the Ku Klux Klan are but a few eye-openers in this power point presentation. In contrast to the tenets and practices of the Ku Klux Klan we celebrate our Democracy – equality, diversity, freedom and voting.

Capturing the Younger Brothers of the Jesse James Gang: The Untold Story of Heroic Teen, Asle Sorbel
Doc Sorbel had a secret he kept all of his life. The secret was his role in the capture of the Younger Brothers near Madelia, Minnesota in 1876. Asle judiciously disappeared after the fact out of fear of Jesse James’ friends. Asle reappeared in Webster, South Dakota, living and serving as the premier horse doctor for the area.

South Dakota Bombed by Japanese Fugo Balloons
Together, we recall the little-remembered Japanese attack on South Dakota using incendiary bombs. These balloon bombs targeted North America. Six were killed in Oregon, including five children. The adult killed was an aunt to a niece and nephews living in Sioux Falls.