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Axton Betz-Hamilton

Topics: Discussion Leader, Education, Financial Abuse, Trauma, Women

Community: Brookings

Program Types: One Book South Dakota, Speakers Bureau, Virtual Program(s), Young Readers One Book | (309) 338-9889

Victim Voices: Stories of Familial Identity Theft Victims
Familial identity theft occurs when an individual obtains and uses the personal identifying information of a relative without his/her consent for personal gain. This is an often-unreported crime, yet the financial, emotional, and physical impacts victims experience are often long-lasting. In this presentation, common themes in familial identity theft victims’ experiences will be shared, supported by the voices of real victims.

Victim Voices: Stories of Elder Family Financial Exploitation Victims
Elder family financial exploitation (EFFE) occurs when a family member “is involved in the illegal, unauthorized, or improper use of an elder’s assets or property” (University of Minnesota, 2018, para. 1). EFFE is frequently underreported, but can have long-lasting financial, emotional, and physical consequences for victims and non-offending family members. In this presentation, common themes in victims’ and non-offending relatives’ experiences will be shared, supported by voices of real victims and relatives.