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Duane Jundt

Topics: Environment, History, Conservation/Theodore Roosevelt

Community: Orange City, IA

Program Types: Pre-recorded Program Video, Speakers Bureau, Virtual Program(s) | 712-360-2010

Birdwatcher-in-Chief: Theodore Roosevelt and America’s Birds
Roosevelt’s reputation as the foremost conservationist president is assured and his hunting exploits are the stuff of legend. What is less well known is that Roosevelt was an avid birdwatcher and a champion of preserving America’s threatened bird species and habitats. And Roosevelt was no late comer to birding; he enjoyed observing and cataloging birds as a boy, and he never recovered from this addiction. As President, Roosevelt acted decisively on behalf of America’s birds, but his interaction with birds also had a marked effect on him. This talk will explore the role birds and birding played in TR’s life.

The Dude is a Cowboy: Theodore Roosevelt and the American West
Explore TR’s time as a rancher and cowboy in the North Dakota Badlands and how that experience shaped his view of conservation, reclamation and the history of the American West. Through his writings, Roosevelt, along with Frederick Remington and Buffalo Bill Cody, became one of the shapers of the nation’s collective view of the West. We will also look at TR in South Dakota: his friendship with Seth Bullock, his acts of land preservation and his place on Mount Rushmore.

The Conservation Life and Legacy of Theodore Roosevelt
This program explores the roots of Roosevelt’s conservation ethos and how TR, the hunter-naturalist, acted to save the American landscape, trees and birds at the start of the 20th century with his unprecedented actions to establish national forests, monuments, parks and wildlife refuges. We will explore how this legendary figure from our past remains relevant to our current conservation concerns.