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Jean Patrick

Topics: Black Hills, Chautauqua, Discussion Leader, History, Literature, South Dakota, Sports, Women, Writing

Community: Mitchell

Program Types: Book Club to Go, Chautauqua, One Book South Dakota, Pre-recorded Program Video, Speakers Bureau, Virtual Program(s), Young Readers One Book | (605) 770-7345

The Writer’s Life
Author Jean Patrick gives a behind-the-scenes look at her life as an author of twelve traditionally published books for young people, including her research and writing process. Your group may also ask for an in-depth look at a specific book. Upon request, Patrick will also lead a writing exercise. All ages.

Mount Rushmore: Past and Future
Using archival photographs, documents, and a six-foot drill bit, author Jean Patrick shows how and why Mount Rushmore was carved. As the author of four books about Mount Rushmore, she also introduces the complexities surrounding the sculpture. This program works well for all ages, from elementary students to senior citizens.

The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth (Chautauqua)
Author Jean Patrick dramatizes the true story of Jackie Mitchell, the 17-year-old southpaw who struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in 1931, then reveals the story of her own research and writing process. Upon request, Patrick will also discuss her other books about women’s sports history, including Long-armed Ludy and the First Women’s Olympics. All ages.

Memoir Writing Workshop
Many people would love to write their memoirs but struggle to get started. Patrick provides a variety of memoir structures and helps participants draft at least one scene from their own lives.