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Jeanie Kirkpatrick

Topics: Anthropology, Black Hills, Discussion Leader, History, Marketing, Material Culture, South Dakota, Women

Community: Keystone

Program Types: Book Club to Go, One Book South Dakota, Speakers Bureau, Virtual Program(s), Young Readers One Book| (605) 786-7020

Aprons, Can They Talk?
Kirkpatrick discusses what an apron can tell us about the person that owned it. She will examine ways to date an apron and facilitate a group discussion on apron memories.

Caviar Dreams on a Bologna Budget
This is an interactive, think-outside-the-box workshop featuring how to market your event on a tight budget. It is an opportunity to learn diverse ways to market your event and bring in more guests. Kirkpatrick will share secrets of marketing that she has learned over the years while working with different non-profits.

An Ingalls in the Black Hills…Carrie Ingalls
This topic is an examination into Carrie’s life after high school until her death in 1946. Three main stages in her life will be examined; working woman, caregiver and stepmother.

Dr. Mary Montgomery Borglum: More Than Gutzon Borglum’s Wife
An examination of the wife of Gutzon Borglum. Yes, there is a Dr. in front of her name.

Women Workers at Mount Rushmore During the Carving Years
Yes, there were women working at Mount Rushmore during this time, but what did these women do? Kirkpatrick will answer this question along with an examination of the various duties these women performed.