Kate Meadows

Topics: Communication, Education, Literature, Writing

Community: Rapid City

Program Types: Book Club to Go, One Book South Dakota, Speakers Bureau, Virtual Program(s), Young Readers One Book

Kate Meadows Writing & Editing
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The Case for Community Newspapers
How do you stay informed about what is happening in the world? How do you stay informed about what is going on in your community? Where do you get your news these days? These are critical questions because the state of news in our country is changing dramatically. Meadows offers a sweeping look at the role of news in American society, with a particular focus on the history and current role of the local newspaper. This presentation is packed with facts and information, but also allows ample time for group discussion and questions.

The Quiet Memoir: Finding Your Conflict in a “Quiet” Life
In a society that lauds the addiction memoir and stories of triumph after profound struggle, is there room for life stories that are tame, placid, overall “good?” Yes, if you can create resonance with your reader! This workshop focuses on the importance of conflict in narrative and how to identify points of tension in a quiet memoir – a story that contains no obvious struggle such as addiction, messy divorce or life-altering accident. Participants will explore two crucial questions: Who is my audience? And why is my story significant?

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