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Michael McDonald

Topics: American Old West, Black Hills, History, Literature, Music, Poetry, South Dakota, Veterans/Military History, Writing

Community: Sioux Falls

Program Types: Pre-recorded Program Video, Speakers Bureau, Virtual Program(s) | 605-660-0756

Travels of the Corps 1804
Songs and stories of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery while they were on expedition on the Great Northern Plains.

Badger Clark, First Poet Laureate of South Dakota
From “A Cowboy’s Prayer” to “Cat Pioneers” — Badger Clark poems as nighthawk tunes.

Robert V. Carr, The Official Poet of the Seth Bulllock Brigade
Robert Van Carr was a Spanish-American War veteran. His poetry “Black Hills Ballads” and “Cowboy Lyrics” were meant for music — so, I obliged him.

E. A. L. Griffin, “Rhymes of a Rancher”
Griffin ranched out of Hot Springs, SD from 1892 to 1937. His poetry is practical, and it lends itself to nighthawk tunes.

Arthur Chapman — The Cowboy Version of Garrison Keillor
Chapman’s “Cactus Center” poems were written a century ago, but you would swear he was writing material for Keillor’s “Dusty and Lefty” sketches.