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Gypsy Cowbelle, Miss “V”

Topics: American Old West, Chautauqua, Creativity and Consciousness, Education, History, Musical Performance, Women

Community: Thermopolis, WY

Program Types: Chautauqua, Speakers Bureau | (307) 231-9252

Trail Blazers
This novel program was inspired by recent camel trips to the Sahara Desert and spotlights the quickly disappearing lifestyle of the nomadic Bedouins of the region. Their ways are compared alongside those of Homesteaders and Cowboys of the American West. A multi media presentation, this program employs photography, song and storytelling to paint a unique and vivid portrait which bridges unfamiliar lifestyles from around the world.

Homespun Instruments
This interactive workshop stimulates creative expression and positive group dynamics; employing a wide array of simple and homemade instruments. Origins and construction of selected instruments are discussed, along with the essential elements of making music as participants are inspired to accompany Miss “V” on classic country, folk and cowboy tunes. The program is excellent for classrooms, family-oriented community events of mixed age and abilities, living history demonstrations and folk festivals.

Inside Out! – Igniting Creative Expression
This is a new creative writing course focused on the fundamentals of Western poetry and/or songwriting. Spearheading a youth poetry contest in South Dakota in 2019 was the motivation for this program which inspires participants to utilize poetry to highlight a sense of place. The basic elements of prose, meter, rhyme and topic selection are discussed, with the objective of sparking imagination and self-expression. The class may be adapted to songwriting for interested audiences.

Theme Concerts
These concerts weave song and story to create historical presentations which entertain and provoke thought in equal measure. Each concert unveils hidden chapters of history while stimulating fresh insight into familiar themes. A blend of traditional and original music on the guitar and homemade banjo create historic validity paired with fresh perspective for tales focused on: the settling of the American West (Trails West); Women’s History (Mares’ Tales); and Homesteading (The Modern Day Homesteader).

Dawn in the Night
This is a Chautauqua-style portrayal and discussion of Amelia Earhart, offering a compelling overview of both biographical details as well the person behind the legend – her courageous nature, genial charm and independent spirit. “Amelia” first answers scripted questions pertaining to her childhood, education, flying career and social ideologies, followed by unscripted questions relevant to 1934. Afterwards, Miss “V” discusses the last three years of her life and welcomes additional questions.