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Raffi Andonian

Raffi Andonian

Topics: Discussion Leader, History

Community: Saint Louis, MO

Program Types: Book Club to Go, One Book South Dakota, Pre-Recorded Video, Speakers Bureau, Virtual Program(s) | 877-473-9933

Are Your Local Historic Sites and Monuments Worthy? Take the Quiz!
We can better understand the world today by studying the provocative people and events of the past. Learn about the differences between historic sites and monuments, what makes some of them so controversial, and how we can better understand each situation. Conflicts over the spaces derive from their contested narratives, but how do we decide which perspectives are appropriate in each circumstance? The key is asking the right questions, and there is a 4-step inquiry process to provide a blueprint to guide these discussions toward open-ended exploration and understanding.

The U.S. Constitution in History and Memory
Most Americans would be surprised to learn that any Founding Fathers opposed ratifying the Constitution, a document we revere today. But they were not a single group nor were they homogenous. The founding generation debated interpretations of the Constitution just as we do today, and their interpretations affected their perspective on this country’s second attempt at government. This historical surprise is important to remember today as we disagree on the meaning of the Constitution, especially when invoking an assumed notion of the past upon which to validate a current position.