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Verna K. Boyd

Topics: Anthropology, Education, History, Native American, South Dakota, Women

Communities: Garretson

Program Types: Pre-recorded Program Video, Speakers Bureau, Virtual Program(s) | 605-594-6731

Journey Into the Past
Boyd introduces audiences to the First Nations people who made their homes in southeastern South Dakota – Omaha, Ponca, Ioway – and discusses their traditional way of life. Farming techniques and crops are reviewed; artifacts, sample trade items, replicas of a dog travois, tools and pottery are discussed and exhibited.

Monarch Butterflies In South Dakota
They have an amazing life cycle from egg, through five instars (sizes) of caterpillar, to adult butterfly. Learn why their numbers are rapidly declining. Learn why South Dakota native plants are a requirement for their survival. Follow their dramatic generational migration north to South Dakota breeding grounds and then South to their winter ranges.

Skin, Scales, Jaws and Claws
The life cycle and habits of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals native to South Dakota are examined. Learn about our state’s carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Their feathers, pelts, skulls, teeth and claws, as well as live animals, are discussed and exhibited.

How Dogs Have Shaped South Dakota Life
Discover how First Nations traveled and hunted with their dogs. Learn how pioneers relied on their dogs to help them survive and hunt to present day rescuers and faithful lifelong companions. Find out how dogs have become an integral part of South Dakota’s history and economy.